How we work

How we work

Aragón Exterior (AREX) backs internationalization activities in all areas of interest to companies: exports, supplies, setting up operations, selection of foreign trade technical personnel, alliances, etc.

Our working philosophy is based on personalized services through individual projects that meet the specific needs of each company.

To this end, we have a structure of professionals experienced in internationalization processes in Aragón and in more than 20 destination countries.

Working Philosophy

Our working methods are based on four principles:

1. Offering services and tools to break down barriers and difficulties encountered in the Internationalization process.
2. Acquirement of knowledge in Aragón on internationalization projects in each sector and actions in each country through our network of offices abroad.
3. Management of projects, most of which are individualized with specifically designed procedures involving the company, the local team in Aragón and the office abroad.
4. Provision of some of the costs of the projects.


1. Initial Meeting

Nearly all our projects are the result of an initial meeting held at the request of the company.

Objetives of the meeting:

  • To understand the needs of the company.
  • To advise on opportunities for entering new markets and strategies for the company.
  • To explain how AREX can help in detail.


2. Project Proposal

We draw up a project proposal in collaboration with our offices according to the specific need of the company.


  • Action plan
  • Project cost
  • AREX backing
  • Cost for the company


3. Approval of the Project

The company looks over the proposal and when they the give the go ahead, the project is launched.


4. Drawing up the Project

AREX’s head office, its offices and the company work together.

Throughout the project

  • AREX head office: With experience in internationalization processes, coordinates and supervises the execution of the objectives and deadlines of the project.
  • AREX office abroad: Provides knowledge of the market during the execution and development of the project.
  • Company: Participates in the development of the project (e.g. validation of the contacts in the agenda).



It is essential for the company to complete an evaluation questionnaire.

Our objective:

The monitoring and on-going improvement of the quality of our services.