Find contacts and information

in international markets

  • Tailor-made, consultancy projects.
  • Trade-fair participation.
  • Reverse trade missions.
  • Market research.
  • Field information on prices, competitors, channels

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Advice and tools

to go international

  • Deployment abroad.
  • Legal and administrative management.
  • International tax advice.
  • Advice on international bids.
  • Free telephone interpretation
  • Help with SEO positioning for your website in other markets.

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in any market around the world

  • The Tedex Programme for international recruitment.
  • Agreement with Unizar for International students internships.
  • Procedures for repatriating or transfering workers.
  • Database of workers in Aragon

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with international partners

  • Help to access the SME Facility EU Horizon 2020 Programme.
  • Finding partners for innovative projects.
  • Help with product certification in other countries.
  • European Union projects

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Information days and Networking

on foreign markets

  • Speak to our delegates.
  • Arex Networking sessions.
  • Arex International Meeting
  • Find out about subsidies for internationalisation.

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