Advice and tools


Advice and tools

to go international

Deployment abroad

Whether you wish to incorporate a company, open a representative office, undertake construction abroad or build a production plant, we will find the best location for your company and help you to accomplish all the necessary procedures to develop the project.

Legal and administrative management

We will help you to register your product and brand in international markets. We will provide support in the pursuit of health procedures and any other administrative management necessary to work outside Spain.

Advice on international bids

We offer training programmes in bids and help you to prepare bids for tenders. Our satellite office in Brussels is also avaliable to you should you need European partners for your project or information on community bids.

International tax advice

Do you have a project in France and do not know the VAT you need to bill? Have you issued a bill in Peru for which there is a tax levy at source? Do you need to repatriate dividends but do not know how to declare them in Spain? Here at Aragón Exterior, we have the answers to all your concerns.

Help with SEO positioning for your website in other markets

We help Aragonese companies to position their websites in international markets. Access the application

Support Maximum for the project
Deployment abroad 30% 1.200 euros
Legal management 30% 1.200 euros
International bids 30% 1.200 euros
Tax advice – International paperwork Gratuito

1.200 euros
SEO positioning 30% 1.200 euros

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