Find contacts and information


Find contacts and information

in foreign markets

Tailor-made consultancy projects

Whatever your foreign market need, we can help you to achieve them. We have a network of consultants covering almost the entire planet. We will help you to find clients, distributors and suppliers; we will find you first-hand information on the market that interest you, facilitating your deployment in other countries. Over 400 clients a year swear by us.

Collective action and trade fair participation

We attend international fairs and collective events in association with clusters and sector associations, wherein we provide coordination and financial support so participation in a foreign fair is not so costly. See our action calendar.

Reverse trade missions

We bring international buyers and journalist here regularly so they can see our products and land first hand. An easy and cheap way of selling

Find information

Obtain timely information on competitors, prices and channels in other countries. Our network of consultants enables us to have information sources on the ground.

Support Maximum for the project
Tailor-made consultancy 30% 1.200 euros
Collective action 30%-50% Depending on event, defined in notification
Reverse trade missions 30% 1200 euros

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