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The Tedex Programme for international recruitment

Does the internationalisation process at your company require employees? We will help you to recruit outside Spain with the best possible guarantees. Should you need to create or expand your export department in Aragon, we can also help you. We provide technical and financial support for the recruitment process so you can hire the best posible candidates for your company anywhere around the world.

The Tedex Programme in China

We offer the possibility of subcontracting workers in China directly throught our office in Shanghai. If you require a presence in China but the paperwork is too costly, we can offer you a simple alternative without the need to incorporate a company in China. We also have space avaliable to work in our office.

Database of workers in Aragon

We have a database of CVs of people who wish to work for Aragonese companies. If you wish recruit someone, we can provide you with candidates. If you are a candidate, send your CV here

Agreement with Unizar for internships for students doing a Master’s in International Management

Since 1998, the University of Zaragoza has offered a Master’s in International Company Management. Aragón Exterior gives grants to a number of students to undertake 8 to 10 months internships in companies at a very attractive cost. Should you need a well-trained young person for your international work, call us for further information.

Procedures for repatriating or transferring workers

Are you going to transfer workers out of Spain? Construction in Germany, sales office in China or an engineering project in Peru are no longer the headache they were. We provide you with comprehensive advice on your tax liabilities, the fiscal situation of your workers, bonuses, procedures necessary for Social Security, etc. And should you need to bring in a worker from outside the European Union, we can provide you with the paperwork to obtain their visa and residence and work permits.

Support Maximum for the project
Tedex 30% 1.200 euros
Tedex in China *Market service
Unizar agreement 50% 2.000 euros
Transferring workers
Free of charge

1.200 euros

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