Financial information

Financial information

This section contains the company’s most recent annual financial statements and information regarding the contracts it has signed:

Annual financial statements

Financial statement 2014

Financial statement 2015


In the Public Tenders section, Aragón Exterior publishes all its public tender and contracting information, in line with article 42 of Spanish Law 30/2007 of 30th October concerning Public Sector Contracts, guaranteeing the security and availability of such information described in said law.

For all contracts which are subject to harmonised regulation, Aragón Exterior applies the precepts contained in Spanish Procurement Law. For contracts which are not subject to harmonised regulation, Aragón Exterior adheres to the following contracting guidelines.

The following contracts have been signed with a value of over 3000 euros:

Contracts 2016 Q3


The following agreements have been signed by Aragón Exterior:

Convenios 2015

Convenios 2016


The company does not grant subsidies. All internationalisation subsidies granted by the Government of Aragon may be found here


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