Managing Director

Managing Director

Fernando Fernández


Industrial Engineer (University of Zaragoza) and Master in Management in the specialty of International Marketing (Feuz). Number 1 of his turn of competitions to the Body of Superior Officials in the Government of Aragon. He has been, in addition to other management positions in private companies, Head of Industry, Energy and Mining Service, General Director of Services, Manager of the Aragonese Development Institute (IAF), CEO of CEEIARAGON, General Director of the Valle del Ebro Foundation, Director of Invested companies and Business development of the Aragón Public Business Corporation and General Director of Industry, SMEs, Commerce and Handicrafts. He has been Member of the Board of Directors of numerous public and private companies.
In 2018 he joined Aragón Exterior as General Director.


He was appointed on 20th February 2018 by the Board of Directors of Aragón Exterior

Participation in other organisations and companies

Technopark, SA., Fundación Emprender en Aragón.

Contact details

Avda. Ranillas 63-A, 2º A

Parque Empresarial Zentro Expo

50.018 Zaragoza. Spain

Tel: +34 976 221 571