10th - 12th May

Hospitality Program



Welcome to Aragón

17:00 · Monasterio de Veruela

Sheltered by the magical Moncayo Mountain, the XII century monastery will welcome to Aragon. This Gothic building designed by Cistercian monks keeps the secrets of wine and oil making from the middle age. This is the reason why nowadays the Monastery hosts the Museum of Wine and Oil. We will follow the steps of EVOO producers, with an Oil Tasting hosted by one of the best Aragon Extra Virgin Oil producers.

21:00 · Dinner at Saboya, Tarazona, with José Tazueco chef

José Tazueco lives, cooks and enjoys himself at the foot of Moncayo, in Tarazona.

He always felt trapped by the world of mycology and get specialized in the scope of mushrooms and truffles. This passion led him to promote Mushroom Days for years. In his dishes, he combines the tradition of Aragonese cuisine and the products from the pantry of our environment, with a creative and avant-garde cuisine.

Night at Tarazona



Wine, pork and flowers

09:15 · Visit to Borsao

Bodegas Borsao runs over 2,200 ha of vineyard in the DO Campo de Borja, with the native grenache variety accounting for some 60% of this land. These wines are recognised for their personality around the world thanks to the age of the vineyard, composition of the soil and reduced yields.

For decades, the winery has been exporting wines made from Grenache all over the world. That is why Borsao and this variety comprise an indivisible pairing.

12:30 · Lunch hosted by Bopepor and visit to their facilities in Gallur

We will visit the largest Spanish sucking pig producer. 21 years of experience guarantee the professionalism of this company. They are dedicated exclusively to the suckling pig’s world, with their own farms, slaughterhouse, cutting plant and cold store.

All the secrets to deliver the best sucking pig to Asia, America and Europe, will be revealed to you. Different cuts, different cooking cultures… no matter the way you cook sucking pig, Bopepor delivers to the four corners of the world.

16:30 · Visit to Innoflower, La Alfranca

A local company specialized in flower growing… to be eaten! We will visit their greenhouses in the natural place of Alfranca. A social project in collaboration with mentally handicapped associations. Just let be surprised by flower tasting and their creations.

20:30 · Dinner at Montal

Centenary restaurant gourmet and delicatessen in a historic XVcentury building.

A paired dinner with Innoflower products and local gastronomic jewels and some of the best Aragonese wines. 



Teruel: Ham and truffles

10:50 · Visit to Naturuel

Naturuel is one of the top gourmet producers of ham and meat in our region. Following circular economy principles, they take part in every step of the process. Behind each grain of cereal that they sows, of each animal that Naturuel raises, there is a constant commitment to offer the best.

Naturuel Gourmet guarantees a 100% sustainable production obtained from the available natural resources and that promotes local agriculture and livestock. With such a philosophy, how can you not have an exceptional product?

13:00 · Lunch at Naturuel, Airesano Experience

15:30 · Manjares de la Tierra, truffles

Manjares de la Tierra specializes in growing, harvesting and selling Black Truffles (Tuber melanosporum and Tuber Aestivum). And they do so from a privileged location: Sarrión in Teruel, the heart of Spanish Black Truffle.

In Spain, truffles are one of the most exquisite of delicacies, but not one easy to come by. For that reason, they select their truffles in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way that ensures all the health guarantees. Our goal is to offer a certified product of excellent quality, one that combines tradition and innovation.

We will visit truffle fields to know harvesting procedures. Even if we are out of black truffle season, we will experience this night-of-times-tradition.

20:00 · Dinner at La Trufa Negra

In the middle age village, Mora de Rubielos, next to the castle we find La Trufa Negra Restaurant, a gastronomic proposal where innovation merges with tradition. Black Truffle is especially relevant, the star seasoning in our preparations, from whose scientific name, Tuber Melanosporum,  our name derives precisely.

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